Friday, October 01, 2010

Ready to go!

Everything is done and ready for Blythcon and all I need to do now is get myself preened :)
Sad news this week as my sister can't come with me due to illness so my poor son Tom is now accompanying me. He will be good to carry my suitcase!! Can't wait to meet all of you that will be in Oxford on Saturday! Please come and have a natter with me, or Tom...he's good at nattering :)

For all my other dolly friends who are too far away to get to Blythecon uk, I have a little surprise. I have made 2 special OOAK sets that I am going to list on etsy on Sunday specially for the non-blythecon-ukers :) They are secret till Sunday when I will put pics on flickr as I list them. I will also list a few of the items from The Rule Britannia collection too ;) Not quite sure what time it will be as it depends on how tired I am from Saturday. Probably early eveining here 5 - 6pm ish UK time.

Have a lovely weekend everyone......wish me luck for Saturday!

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