Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Life is Strange

Last Wednesday a 60 year old man who has worked for our small family engineering business for 30 years and who got on very well with all of us, plunged a knife between the shoulderblades of my husband. He meant to hurt him badly. The knife missed all vital organs and spine by 1/2". He is obviously mentally unstable but this does not stop us all being very confused. He handed himself in to the police later that night and said it was a fit of rage and he was sorry ( I did not want to know this) We are very lucky to still have Kev with us and he is fine and back at work, but it has left us dazed. The man has been let out awaiting court. I can't think about it all too much because we need to move on but I had to post it here as it is now part of me.
It makes life seem even more special though.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Honey's Silver Outfit

Here is Honey in her new outfit, thanks to mimiwoo (ebay seller) for sending her new footwear and shades to finish it off. She really likes the little vintage diamante buckle I found in my rather large button collection. Kev thinks I am too old for Dolls..........am I bovverred?