Sunday, September 26, 2010

Nearly all ready!

Getting really excited now about Blythecon next weekend! I have had a bit of a setback this week due to a very painful shoulder leading to a stiff neck and headaches. I have rested up a bit (I can't rest for long!) and am just finishing up the duffle coats now and deciding which dollies to take with me. I am traveling on the early morning train from Derby to Oxford so if I look a bit bleary eyed please forgive me! I am so excited about meeting everyone I will probably be red faced and babbling like a mad woman...LOL
I will be keeping a few items from this collection to list on Sunday 3rd October in my etsy shop for those folk who like it and can't get to Oxford.
Right...back I go to the duffle coats...3 more to go :)

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