Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Fresh off the spinning wheel is my new handspun. I have had this roving for ages staring at me whispering 'spin me! spin me!' Well eventually I have! This will be turned into something special for Blythe, I have an idea in my head which I hope will work :)
I am having my first full day off work today with no jobs or errands to do and I really looking forward to it. I am planning on making up some fabric bundles for Jollypolly and maybe some more yarn/patterns. The nights are drawing in so quickly and its my most creative/productive time of the year. Winter does have it's good points!

This Friday will be Granny Madge's 90th birthday!!! We are going over to see her and give her lots of fuss and flowers. I will see if she is up to a photo maybe, she is doing well at the moment and managing by herself (with lots of visits and shopping etc done by my Mum and Dad) and seems quite happy. She is knitting a little but she does forget patterns so just makes little squares to stitch into kitty blankets :)

Well I'm off to enjoy my day, I hope you have a good one too!!


the enchanted pumpkin said...

that is really beautiful yran! i am always loving rainbow anything! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to granny madge!

Sara's Texture Crafts said...

Loooove it!

Jane said...

Thank you Ladies!!