Monday, August 30, 2010

ebay listing for Arsenic and Old Lace

Here is the link for the ebay listing of the Arsenic and Old Lace special set. I do have 2 dresses, 3 jackets and 2 hats along this theme to list on etsy later this week too :)

Arsenic and Old Lace
Please get in touch if you have any questions:

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Arsenic and old lace

I just finished my new set 'Arsenic and old lace' for Blythe. I think this is my most favourite set I have EVER done. I have been working so long on it and I love it when it all comes together at the end :)

The set includes:
Crochet dress with high neck, grey pearl necklace with skull charm attached to the dress, net tie belt with a bottle of 'arsenic' hanging from it (well it's actually salt, but don't tell anyone as it loses its deadly charm) double layered net skirt part with applique old lace decorated with tiny beads.

Pantaloons made from silk jersey with fine crochet waistband, extra black lace layer and scallop edging and beads around the hems.

Crochet net hat with cream lace decoration, skull charm and button pin with old skeleton print on it.

Full length grey wool felted coat with pockets and high neck decorated with ribbon and sequin trim. The body of the coat is appliqued with old lace and little beads. Tiny grey pearls are stitched around the sleeve cuffs. The coat fastens with 5 vintage black buttons down the front.

This one is going on ebay next week but I will also have some other items on this theme going into the shop afterwards.

I hope you like it as much as me :)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Granny Madge hat kits

Today I am listing some Granny Madge hat kits in jollypolly

Granny Madge used to make these little hats for me to decorate but recently because of illness and age her short term memory is not good and she can't remember what sizes to knit anymore. So she has decided to just knit some kitty blankets instead.

She still had a little stash of ones she had made before she went in hospital so I decided to turn them into little DIY kits for you crafty people to decorate yourselves :) The kits are 1 Blythe sized or 3 Strawberry shortcake sized and come with some bits of yarn, buttons etc to use. I also have some mohair Strawberry shortcake pixie hat that I knit myself that I have put into kits. i would love to see what you do with them :)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Spring Cleaning still

Just listed some stuff on ebay. Quite enjoying getting organized and having a bit more space :)

Here is the link to my ebay stuff for sale if you are interested.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I have a few bits and bobs I need to re-home so I had an idea. If anyone wants them they can have them free if they pay for the postage.
I'm starting with a Dougal (magic roundabout) handbag and a felted wool handbag made by me.
If you are interested please email me: and I will tell you how much postage would be to you.
Also some plied stash yarn on ruby reds that I just can't photograph right. The actual colour is darker than the pic.

Just added some Strawberry Shortcake dolls suitable for customising etc. *These are gone* But I do have a few more to sort out :)

Monday, August 23, 2010

A Special Day

Today is the day me and my lovely husband Kev celebrate our 25th Wedding Anniversary! I can't believe how quickly the years have passed and how I love him more and more every year. I feel lucky to have found my partner in life when I was so young and I thank him for all the love, support and big belly laughs he has given me over the last quarter of a century.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Miss Butterfly sets

I have just finished my new creations and will be listing them in the shop tomorrow. There are 3 sets with hand knittted and crocheted jacket with bell shaped sleeves and high neck, crochet net beret decorated with butterfly sequins and a little denim wrap skirt with delicate crochet edging, embroidery, flower sequins and beads and a button trim. Pretty as a picture in beautiful shades of lilac, turquoise and gold. Each set is $49 +postage. There will only be 3 of these sets.

I do hope you like them, my girls did NOT want to take them off!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Her Royal Blytheness

Oh I'm so relieved it's the weekend! Work has been mad plus visiting Granny Madge and feeding animals led to a lot of stress and a lovely migraine yesterday :(
Woke up feeling glad it was Saturday!
I did manage to complete my raffle prize donation for Blythecon UK though. I am really pleased with how it turned out. I hope the lucky winner will be pleased with it too :)
I am concentrating a lot of effort on my items that will be available for sale at Blythecon UK but have managed to squeeze in some 'other' designs too which will be available for sale in the next few days. Creating makes me happy and relaxed, I must do more!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Saturday, August 07, 2010

New Yarn Stash Bags in Jollypolly

Just loaded some new yarn stash bags in jollypolly

Been a little busy the last few days as Granny Madge is in hospital recovering from very low sodium levels caused by all the tablets she was taking that the doctor had prescribed! She has been taken off all medication now except her thyroid tablets and has now been moved to a more local hospital. She is on the mend now but she had us all very worried! I'm in charge while my Mum and Dad take a well deserved break for a few days. Also I am feeding my sister's cat and rabbit while she is away too! Busy busy busy :)

Monday, August 02, 2010

buttonsandstars as Guest Designer

Tuesday 3rd August around 7pm UK time I will list buttonsandstars little Summer Picnic Collection. She is my Guest Designer this month, I hope you will all enjoy looking at her lovely designs :)
Some items will be in my etsy shop and some will be available for preorder in her etsy shop. Feel free to email me if you need any other information or contact details for Clare:

Sunday, August 01, 2010

The Summer Picnic Collection by buttonsandstars

I have done the photos for my Guest Designer spot next week and will be putting them on flickr for you to preview later today. Some items will be available in my shop and some for order direct from buttonsandstars (Clare) I do hope you will like the collection. It is called the Summer Picnic Collection. She has used gorgeous soft high quality yarns and the designs are beautiful!

I may have some more KC collection items to list next week too. Just depends how much time I get!

Is anyone on Ravelry and would like to find me? I could do with some more friends there :)
My user name is Polly and I have now added my Boyfriend Cardigan to patterns for sale on there. If you look on the right hand side of my blog there is a BUY IT button that links through to the pattern which is available for instant download. If anyone wants any yarn to knit this with just email me, I have LOTS of it!