Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Listing Time

I will list the chicken dresses, a Handspun dress and hat set and two pairs of butterfly felted overalls today (Wednesday 28th April) at 7pm UK time.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Chicken Run dresses complete!

All the chicken run dresses are now finished so I will list this week sometime. When I know exactly I will put it on here and facebook. I still have lots of gardening to do!
Other details are in post below :)

Friday, April 23, 2010

Chicken Run

Here's a sneaky peek at the Chicken Run dresses. All money made on these will go to pay for my new chicken run and hens. I have always wanted a couple of chickens and thought this year (after such an awful time business wise) me and the hubby would take our minds on a holiday and concentrate on the garden and getting some hens. Nothing like fresh air and hard work to cure stress! is a preview, more to come and listing next week sometime. They will be $25 each + postage and you will be able to see where your money has been spent as I take pics through the summer (and hopefully eat a few tasty eggs!)
Hope you like :)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Jollypolly update and Polly news

Just listed a few stash bags and some fine yarn for dolly knitting. I have lots more of this so will be winding some more later this week. Also working on some little dresses for a good new chicken coop!!! I have ordered it and need to raise some funds to pay for it and the hens. Do you think there may be a little theme to the dresses?? You would be so right! Previews coming as soon as they are finished :).........collection name....'Chicken Run' maybe...LOL!!!
I also have my 3rd year Anniversary coming soon and will have a pretty little collection for that. All that crocheting and digging the veg plot are making Polly one tired little lady!
Now...what names can I give the hens......Kiev? Korma? Chasseur???

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Bird in a Cage sets and Tuesday update

I will have 2 of these sets to sell on Tuesday 13th April. I made them with some lovely feather trim and great buttons I bought from Laura at shedraws . I also used her buttons on the cuppa tea and cake dresses. She makes the most amazing jewelry too :)
These sets will be $45 each + postage and include hat and dress.
The Cuppa tea sets will be same price for hat and dress sets and $30 for just the dress. I have 3 hat and dress sets and 3 separate dresses.
The Handspun Happy Coats will be $30 and I have 2 of these and the hat is $20 and I have 1. I have run out of that yarn now and only have a bit of fine single ply neon left. The 2 ply worked much better and the colours came out so bright!
I also have 6 little berets made from the soya and bamboo yarns I have been using recently. These are $10 each.
I have a few cream felted overalls in process and depending on how much time I get these may be ready for the update too.

My other shop is up and running now where I will be selling crafty supplies straight from my stash. I may also sell some other non dolly items there too :)
Take a peek and see if there is anything that might spark your own creativity. I like to send craftiness out into the world so if I can help in any way please ask. I have a simple stash yarn scarf pattern on here which is a great way to use the bags of wool I am selling. I will be winding some nice fine wool yarns this week which are perfect for dolly clothes for all you knitters of miniature things :) I will try to find some links to patterns you could use them with too.

The weather has just started to get better here so I will also be busy in the veg patch sowing seed like a maniac. We have just made some new raised beds and things are coming on a treat!

Friday, April 09, 2010

New Listings for Next Week

Next Tuesday 13th April I will be listing some new bits in the shop. I have some cute Soya and Bamboo berets, handspun goodies and my new little collections 'Cuppa Tea and Cake' and 'Bird in a Cage'. Hope you like :)

Preview pics are on flickr as usual


Friday, April 02, 2010

Stash Scarf Instructions

Here's the pattern for the stash scarf. Please tell if me if it's understandable or not as I make up my own patterns and never usually write legible stuff

Stash Scarf Pattern

Using 15mm needles and 6 to 8 strands of different weight yarns:
cast on 4 sts

Knit 1 row
*Knit all 4 sts, wrapping yarn around needle twice as you go.
Knit all 4 sts again going through the first wrap only and letting the other yarn drop creating a ‘long’ st.
Repeat from * until you scarf is the length you want.

To finish you scarf you can either stitch the ends together like I did to create a loop scarf or just weave your loose ends in and have like a conventional scarf.

Decorate with crochet flowers and buttons J
(many patterns for crochet flowers can be found on the internet or I can supply if you ask)


Stash Scarf

Example of what you can make from my stash yarn bags in my jollypolly etsy shop. I can supply instructions of how to make and ready made flowers and buttons to sew on with the bags of yarn for a few dollars more. What do you think? Is this a good idea? I would appreciate feedback :)