Thursday, October 28, 2010

Joseph's Amazing coat and hat sets

This weekend I will be listing 4 sets in this collection. I have just managed to squeeze 4 out of the yarn I spun. It's so soft and wonderfully bright! I felt this yarn just HAD to be turned into coats. They will sell for $65 per set and I will list randomly over the weekend rather than all at once to give people from different time zones more chance of getting one if they are interested.
The coats have lovely handmade rainbow heart buttons decorating the front and laser cut felt flowers and butterflies dotted around. The silver highlights give a bit of sparkle to them :)

I will also be listing the hanspun sweater dress and hat set along with these that I have put preview pics of on flickr

I Hope you like them!

*Hen news: We will be fetching 4 new girls on Friday so hopefully I will get some pics and have more luck now. Please...I think I am due some good luck!


the enchanted pumpkin said...

this coat and hat are so beautiful! love all the flowers and scalloped edge! where did you find such tiny felt flowers? so sorry about the chickens! big huggs!

Gingermelon said...

Ooooooh! They're absolutely fabulous! Love, love, love the colours!

mary said...

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