Thursday, March 30, 2006

Sorry for the delay but the pattern for Camofleur is on it's way. I am busy knitting my new design and haven't got any typing done! Had a lovely time in Italy and came home to this . It reads Happy Mothers Day if you can't see it very well. They made and iced the cakes together which made me want to cry as they are usually at each other's throats! Said they didn't really miss me though!!! Cheeky beggars.
We had a great time munching pasta and slurping we are on a diet!
Right....on with the knitting!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Here's my new bag.....all finished and I am so pleased with it. It is so cute. At one point (as with all my bags) I thought it was going to look cheap and skanky (daughters favourite word!) But it pulled through and I love it.
I used some fancy wool I bought last year and Some cream aran together. Then some of the cream wool dyed with kool aid. For the flowers I used Rowan Kidsilk Haze...... How gorgeous is that?
Anyway the pattern will be on its way if anyone is interested.
Now what to do next?

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Project Spectrum

Here is my post for Project Spectrum. Details found here;

Here's the Pattern!

Felted ‘Bobble’ Bag


3 x 50g Balls Aran Weight 100% pure wool yarn.
Scraps of DK yarn for bobbles
Wadding and small amount of stuffing
Lining Fabric
4.5 mm Knitting Needles US 7
Knitting Needles to match yarn for bobbles
Button and elastic
Piping Cord to fit top edge


Cast on 65 sts
SS for 8 rows
Knit 23sts Cast off 19sts Knit 23sts
Purl 23sts Cast on 19sts Purl 23sts
SS for 50 rows
Cast off 7sts at beg of next 2 rows.
SS for 20 rows
Cast on 7 sts at beg of next 2 rows
SS for 50 rows
Knit 23sts Cast off 19sts Knit 23sts
Purl 23sts Cast on 19sts Purl 23sts
SS for 8 rows
Cast off

Stitch side seams together
Stitch base seam together to form boxy shape.


Cut a piece of wadding to fit inside of bag below handle opening.
(like the shape of bag before stitching up)

Put into the bag.& pin in place

Because my bag was ‘floppy’ even after felting I rolled over the top edge of the bag encasing piping cord as I stitched. This gave the bag a good strong handle and edge.

Make Bobbles

Using needles to match the type of yarn you have chosen for the bobbles
Cast on 5sts
Garter stitch 7 rows
Cast off
Stitch cast on and cast off edges together
Gather round one open end and fasten off
Stuff lightly
Gather round other end fasten tightly and pull yarn through bobble to create a nice round shape. Leave tail end to sew bobble to bag.

Stitch bobbles onto bag wherever you want, stitching through the wadding to hold it in place.

Embroider your design

Cut a piece fabric similar to the piece of wadding allowing extra to fold over top edge.
Stitch side seams and base edge.
Place inside bag folding over top edge so that it sits nicely below handle
Stitch along top of lining with a slip stitch. (if you want you can stitch your elastic loop on at the same time so you can hide the ends of the elastic)
Put a couple of stitches through base corners to hold lining down.

Stitch on a button and a loop of elastic on opposite side to fasten the bag with.

Enjoy the lovely comments you get!

God I've been busy! I am trying my best to write up a pattern for my Felted Bobble Bag that I posted on Craftster and at the same time write the pattern for my new little bag 'on the needles'. I am also worrying about what clothes to take with me at the weekend when me and my husband (Kev) go to Itlay with some friends. Do I take casual or smart? Wintery or spring like? Comfy or sexy? Oh I hate decisions so much I had to go and buy a new pair of shoes to make me feel better. Now are these new shoes comfy or sexy? Only time will tell!
Here is a pic of the felted bag I am writing the pattern for. I will be getting it written up today or tommorrow and posting it here and on craftster. If anyone wants to ask anything about it please email me and I will try to answer any questions.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Here is a lovely little scarf I have made my mum for mother's day next week. It was going to be a pretty little dishcloth but the cotton yarn I used was really too soft so I just kept on knitting until it ran out. I just have to find a pretty little brooch to pin it with as she won't really like the one I have used in the pic, she prefers more delicate stuff.

I have been working on a little bag at the moment which enabled me to have a go a Kool Aid dyeing..........fantastic stuff!

I have done a half/half ball with lemon/lime. My bag is on a pretty camoflauge theme. I will post pics as I go along.

Friday, March 17, 2006

At last I can get on my new blog! I haven't got loads of time but I still wanted to play with my new baby. Here is whats on my needles...

Its Cozy from knitty. No idea how long it will be as I am knitting it from a charity shop big ball find (10p believe it or not!)

The pic doesn't show how lovely the colour and pattern is, just take my word for it.

Also here is my ginger ninja.......Colin

He is my youngest cat. My other one Hazel was away hunting.

He is lovely but a bit stupid, Bless him.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Hello there everyone!
This is me

I have blogged before but I liked the layout here so I have decided to relocate.

I love making anything but particularly like knitting and sewing, cooking and gardening.

I live in the middle of England, far away from the sea! I am 40 married for 20 years with two kids of 18 and 15.