Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Garden Party Cakes!

Today I will be listing my little Garden party sets for Strawberry Shortcakes. I am just off to finish the pics and will put them in etsy this afternoon. I have 17 of these sets so there are plenty available. They are $20 each +postage.

At the weekend I will be closing the shop for most of July as my holiday time. During this time I will be dreaming up new ideas and working hard on the beach...LOL
I have some exciting ideas already brewing so look out for me when I get back!

In the meantime my friends, enjoy the summer, relax and have fun.........

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ready for my Holiday

Well after the weekend's trauma I've picked myself up (again) dusted off the misery, put the boxing gloves back on and am ready for the next round :)

We are off on our Jollybobs (Holidays) in less than two weeks now so I have one more update for the shop before I close it for July. I must admit I'm ready for a break this year and I'm so glad I've scraped the money together. We are going to Crete again to be lazy and greedy for two whole weeks!! I won't be available to answer emails etc throughout July but rest assured I will have LOTS of new ideas and exciting things when I get back!

The update will be early next week and its all about cake!! I have some cute little sets for the Strawberry Shortcakes with a bright and summery theme :) I have made LOTS so there will be plenty to choose from. If I get them done quicker I will list them earlier.

Hope you are all having a lovely summer and lets hope for lots more sunshine to make us smile :D

Sunday, June 20, 2010

One more nail in my coffin

I can't believe what is happening to me! I feel like I am being tested to see when I will crack up!!

Yesterday a dog (not the one that killed Hazel) got into our garden (how I do not know as we have blocked all the holes in the hedges - or so we thought) and killed one of our chickens. My hubby found the murdering thing in the process and chased it off but we couldn't find the other two. With the help of our nice neighbour (we do have nice ones as well as rotten ones!) we located Penny hiding in their hedge and later I found Barbara right in the middle of a very thick thorny hedge. Many scratches up my arms later we got the 2 remaining ladies back in their coop and tidied up the feathers and blood while sobbing my socks off.

Me and the hubby marched round to the dog owners house and dumped our poor dead hen at their front door only to see their stupid idiotic faces and listen to them tell us he can't have got out!! Face to face with the murderer I came very close to losing the plot and could have vented all my anger on this stupid dog owner who obviously had no idea what her dog was up to! This dog had terrorised the hens for 3 hours when we first got them, barking at their pen (luckily that time he couldn't get to them!) and the woman didn't even know he was missing!!! I would be frantic if my pet was missing!

Some people should NOT have animals.

I would not have felt quite so angry had a fox got her, as no one is responsible for wild animals. However my garden is my sanctuary from all the other rubbish I have to deal with day to day and I feel like my own private space has been violated because someone else does not care.
My head hurts and my soul is at breaking point.....please can I have a rest from all this?

R.I.P shy Sheila.....the hen who never got to lay an egg....

Friday, June 18, 2010

Razzle Dazzle etsy update

Today (around 5 pm UK time ) I am listing the Razzle Dazzle sets in my etsy shop. There are 2 identical sets in each colour, so 10 sets altogether. They will be $45 +postage and will be sent boxed so that the feathers stay in nice condition :)
The feathers have been such fun to work with and look so dramatic, like Cabaret girls!! I fancied a bit of high kicking fun after last weeks misery and these have kept my hands VERY busy! I will be crocheting some little Strawberry Shortcake sets next week for a bit of a rest for my fingers!

Still no eggs from the chickens...hubby thinks they are taking the p**s and that they are really male chickens in disguise, just out for a free lunch....LOL

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

UFO day

Today I decided to dig around in the UFO (unfinished objects) basket. I found a heap of bits and bobs which I have finished off so I can add them to my etsy shop. I'll list them in a minute and the rest when they are complete. These will be good prices so you can bag a bargain and get some old favourite designs too. Its good to have a clearout :)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Football Widow

Yes, my hubby has disappeared to the pub to watch the footie and I am home alone all quiet and tidy. So I have been taking pics of the finished Razzle Dazzle sets and stitching labels on them. There will be 2 identical sets in each colour (5 colours) and I will list them next week. I am just sourcing some nice boxes to ship them in so that the feathers don't get spoiled in the post. I hope you like my flamboyant little outfits, I wanted a bit of glamour and fun for a change :)

I also have some Strawberry Shortcake customs (my last five dolls) and there won't be any more after these as I have run out of dolls to customize. I hope you like the silly names I have chosen and the little outfits.

I have a horrible hatred towards my neighbours after our horrible week and I really need to focus and divert my brain...crochet is good for this. Also wine and chocolate help!
Thank you to all my friends for your lovely kind words, they are very special.


Friday, June 11, 2010

Razzle Dazzle 'Em

Some new sets are in the making and should be ready for listing next week sometime. I think they look like Carnival outfits so your dolls can party all night in them and shake their feathers around!!

I have immersed myself in creative stuff to heal the hurt from the weeks trauma, I find it relaxing and healing. Time will heal the rest while sweet little Hazel sleeps......

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

RIP Sweet Hazel

Yesterday I took a photo of my sweet little Hazel and about 9 pm last night our neighbour's dog killed her. I feel unbearably sad. Hazel had been with us for over 15 years and had a good life but to end her days like that is cruel and unfair. People should be more responsible with dogs and learn to control them better. This animal is forever escaping, never on a lead and frequently getting into our garden. (I have had to go all around our property with chicken wire to keep him from breaking in)
Hazel was streetwise and was probably just watching the world go by when this attack happened. I know cats go where they please and dogs will be dogs but people should understand more what damage dogs can actually do and the importance of a little training. The dog knew no better. The man is an idiot.

We love you Hazel RIP

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Update Time and prices

Here are details of the next update:
'The Queen of Charms' set is made from some of my handspun yarn and some lovely gold charms (a tiny crown and a key included!) This set includes crochet dress and matching hat for $55 + postage.

Darling little Olivia Hootsbury, a custom Strawberry Shortcake with wild bright pink hair and a little dress set decorated with owl buttons. She has a faint mark at the side of her face (hidden by her hair most of the time) and has had her smile touched up too! She is $45 + postage.

Then there is the 'Underwater Love' collection which includes 2 OOAK dresses with net and shells and fishes and beads and shreds of green taffeta to look like seaweed! These are $30 each + postage. Then a coat design (2 plain blue 1 variegated yarn) with embroidery and felt fishes. These are $30 each + postage too. Granny Madge whipped up some lovely turquoise wool hats that I have decorated to match these items with shreds of taffeta and net and embroidery and beads. These are $18 + postage and I have 4 of them. I will have a couple more coats to come next week maybe.

I have put preview pics on flickr as usual and will list these on Friday June 4th at around 5pm.
I hope you like them :)

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Etsy update later this week

I have just finished the latest bits and bobs and will be listing these later this week. I will post on here when I know what time etc.
I have Olivia Hootsbury, a Strawberry Shortcake custom, The Queen of Charms Blythe dress and hat set, 3 Underwater Love coats, 4 Granny Madge Underwater Love hats and 2 Underwater Love dresses.
I will be posting preview pics on flickr as usual and more details to the mailing list.
Hope you like my new designs :)