Thursday, July 29, 2010

KC Collection details

Here are the prices for the KC collection which I am listing on Friday 30th July around 5pm UK time

Maxi Dress $28
Playsuit $28
Tunic Dress $33
Crazy Cowl Dress $33
Net Beret $15

All + postage.
I will have a few more pieces to add to the shop maybe next week sometime as well.
Hope you like them :)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Blythe Boyfriend Cardi DIY kit information

* please note, sea green has all gone now*

I will be selling the kit for $4 + postage which includes pattern and enough yarn for a cardi (maybe 2, that fine yarn goes a long way!)
Here is a pic of colours I have sorted out at the moment for the Boyfriend Cardi DIY kit, but I do have other yarn that would be suitable and some more that could be knit 2 strands together, so if you were after a certain colour please ask :)
The yarn is industrial stuff so when you knit it it will seem a little loose but will 'bloom' when it is washed and the oils come out and it will look lovely :)

I forgot to mention tension in the pattern so if you need to check this it is approx 4 sts across and 5 rows up to each 1cm square. I knit a bit loose so if you find you knit tight just go up a needle size and you should get the size ok. Some of the yarns are a bit thicker than others so the cardi varies a little in size depending on the yarn. They all look nice though :)

Please email me for details of how to buy:

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The KC collection

Up and coming new designs have now been finished and I am doing some preview pics for flickr. I call this the 'KC' collection as it includes both Knit and Crochet! There are some OOAK pieces and some that have been repeated.
Before I went on holiday I was searching for some new yarn to inspire me in my beach knitting...
TA DA!!!
In front of my little eyes was the most amazing sock yarn from Schoppel Wolle called Zauberball!
The colours blend beautifully and I picked 4 different colourways. Armed with my notebook and needles and hooks I flew off to Crete to contemplate the way forward.........
I like to bothknit and crochet so I felt that some designs that incorporate both crafts would be good for me. I fancied some more modern knit shapes worked in separate parts that would be joined with crochet.
I do find people stare on the beach and wonder what I am knitting, occasionally someone can't stand it any longer and have to ask me!!
Back home I finished the pieces with some tiny glass beads and my labels and got my lovely girls to do some modeling :)
I hope you like my little collection. It will be for sale in the shop this Friday 30th July around 5pm UK time.
Next week I have some REALLY exciting news. My friend Clare (buttons and stars) has made a special Blythe collection which I will be showcasing in my shop as a 'Guest Designer'. The pieces are so beautiful, I know you are going to love them!
Also anyone who is interested in my Blythe Boyfriend cardigan DIY kits please email me for details. I should be doing a listing in my etsy shop too :)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

SALE and new projects

Welcome back everyone! I had a wonderful holiday and filled my days with dreams of new dolly designs and ideas :)
Lots of things will to be happening in Polly's world in the next few months.
Firstly I am having a little sale in the shop...25% off all the Strawberry Shortcake Garden Party sets. Grab a little bargain while you can!

Then I will be launching DIY Blythe knitting and crochet kits, then a new Blythe Collection and some other really exciting news (still a bit of a secret!) .....I'll keep you posted as things are finalized. I am so so busy and very happy to be in my little studio again :)

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Off to the beach

I'm off to the beach on Tuesday so this is my last post for a while. I have so much to do to get ready...packing...weeding...lists for Tom while we are away.....hens to clean out.....knitting to's endless!!
I'm shutting the shop and will be back at the end of July. In the meantime have lots of fun my friends and enjoy the summer :)