Monday, September 29, 2008

Wonderfall Mini Madge Bouquet!

Here is the latest batch from the Granny Madge factory! She now has a little helper called codbags who has transformed the hats into magical morsels of loveliness!! These hats fit Lati yellow or vintage Strawberry Shortcake dolls and will be listed on Friday 3rd October in my etsy shop They sell for $6.50 each. I will post some pictures of the girls modelling some later this week.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

More pics of Halloween set

Picture showing some detail of the dress in the Black Widow set. The tarantula might find its way in the set too!! Underneath the torn strips of black fabric on the skirt part there is black lace. There is a black lace bow at the back of the dress. As with Dem Bones dress it is very long so it can be trailed on the floor for effect. More details of Dem Bones coming later.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Halloween Set Black Widow

The black widow is a deadly creature! Here she is in all her finery. Black layered dress with black crystal cross, silky tassel and chains and a spider perched on her chest! Comes with fine net cape and crochet hat with black jet like beads on the corners, lace veil and rosettes at the temples with 'rubys' in the centres. Price will be $70 and will be listed along with Dem Bones on Wednesday 1sy October at 6pm UK time. email me for any other details Watch out!!!

Halloween set....Dem Bones

Here is the first set for Halloween. Called 'Dem Bones' it has 5 little skeletons all around the skirt of the dress and 'rubys' in between them. The skirt is layered bone coloured cotton and lace and net. The top of the dress has a chain hanging from the shoulders. The Hat has bones and net and beads and a 'ruby'. The dress is extra long for dramatic effect and can be trailed all over the floor to sweep the cobwebs as she walks. We hope you enjoy our creation, it will be in the shop on Wednesday 1st October at 6pm UK time. The price will be $70 + shipping. There will only be 2 halloween sets from Miss Polly as she has put lots of time into them and wanted them to be very special. They will not be repeated again.
Any questions about the set please email

Mini Madge Hats!!

Miss Polly's Fairy Grandmother Madge has been VERY busy and with the help of her little elf Codbags has made a wonderful batch of hats for your Lati babies or Strawberry Shortcake vintage dolls. Poppy wanted to tempt you with a sneak preview. We have a rainbow of colours and some really funky designs. All are $6.50 and will be in the shop next week. More pics will be around very soon and details of listing times.

Shop update

Well the Highland Fling sets went well, only one left!!
Miss Polly is really busy now finishing off the two Special Halloween sets that will be coming next week. Its mayhem in the studio, bits of fabric and yarn and strange pastic things!!
If anyone wants to be on the mailing list to get info on shop updates please send an email to and she will pass your details onto Miss Polly :D

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Highland Fling Sets

This Friday around 5pm UK time Miss Polly will be listing her Highland Fling sets. She will be doing a little scottish dance while she works (it helps to dance!!) and eating some shortbread. Maybe later she can have a tot of lovely scottish whisky too!!!
They will sell at $39 each which includes hat, dress and socks.
She also has some little Strawberry Shortcake sets which will be as sweet as the dolls that wear them!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Half Price Sale this week!

Miss Polly has decided to have a little sale to make way for the new items she is getting ready to list. Everything is half price till Sunday!!

Back Again!!!

Here I am, fresh from my holiday with lots of ideas as usual. I decided to pick up my blog as a way of informing all my friends and etsy customers of what I am up to. From now on I will be blogging as Miss Polly (my creative alter ego) and will tell you what she gets up to and what new stuff she has in the pipeline. Most photos will still be on flickr but information will be on here. I will introduce you to Miss Polly later this week, I hope you enjoy getting to know her!