Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Love and Hate Collection

Based on some lovely tattoo inspired fabric I have created a little collection for your dollies to enjoy!

First is a dress with a crochet bodice and fabric skirt. Fastening with vintage beads at the front and trimmed with lace and sequins around the edge and a bow/ button/ charm at the waistband.

Next is a crochet dress with lace hem and gorgeous 'love' button at the waist. With 'flame' vintage sequins to finish off the decoration.

To go with these pieces I have made 4 felted red capes and 4 black mohair hats with matching decor. The hats are not tight so are suitable for your girls with more fluffy hair :)

I do hope you like them, they will be listed in my etsy shop through the day.

More pics are on flickr

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