Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Swap Bot

Just signed up for swapbot after hearing about it on Craftypod podcast. I have always wanted to participate in swaps but felt like it was all too confusing and didn't want to do anything wrong and upset anyone. This was very easy to understand and I am hoping it will be great fun. I have signed up for the little handmade bag swap as I love making bags, so this should be a good start.

My most recent bag I am really enjoying using is made of ice cream and fruit printed vinyl with needle felted cherries on it, lined with yellow gingham. It has brightened up what is usually the most grey month of the year!

Also Honey's wardrobe is expanding still. I have knitted a little silver dress and made some silver leggings for her. I just need some footwear that will match.

I have put a pic up of her in a little pink coat I adapted from a vintage Barbie pattern, and a little pink and purple scarf from some lovely oddments I had.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

I am still alive!

I'm back and here is my new friend Honey (bought in tokyo from the coolest place ever, and carried all the way home to the UK very carefully and with lots of love!) She is having lots of attention and new clothes and enjoying being photographed. I had the best time ever on our round the world trip, but so much wish I could just get back and buy more stuff!
I have been so busy with our business at the moment but slotting a bit of crafting in here and there. I made myself a nice little tote bag and reading my japanese craft books over and over again. Well not reading but looking anyway! Japanese magazines are wonderful.
The lack of blythe stuff here in the UK is a bit frustrating but I am trying to be inventive as usual and make everything myself. Any UK info would be lovely ........anybody.......I am feeling like Honey would like a friend. But don't tell my hubby!