Friday, February 26, 2010

Having a little rest

Just having a little rest this week as I have a sore and stiff shoulder. I am slowly working on orders still though! I so wish the weather would warm up a bit so we could get outside and stop shivering!

Be back soon :)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Felted Goodies

I am busy felting some goodies ready for a shop update. I will be listing capes, pinafores (jumpers to my friends in the US!) and overalls (or dungarees!) I will have a good few ready for this coming Tuesday (Feb 23rd) and more for the following week. I will list randomly through Tuesday (in between cleaning and doing laundry!) Prices will be $30 for the capes $30 for the overalls and $25 for the pinafores. The overalls and pinafores are very roomy around the body so you could easily fit a sweater underneath them (or store cakes for when she gets the munchies!) All items will be different as usual :)
Always feel free to email me with any questions
Preview pics are on flickr

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Busy Day

Today my little hands have been buzzing like bee's wings :D
I have finished a few orders and made some stuff for the shop in between checking on dear little Stanley who is getting quite good at doing a hop, skip and a jump round the house!
Going to send some emails now and list these few things. I also finished a new design whcih I am quite happy with. I'll put some preview pics on flickr too and see what everyone else thinks :)
It's knit and felted overalls which I know sound bizarre but I think work quite well. I made them with cuffs at the bottom to be pushed up and worn with boots. I ahve some more felted items coming soon too.
I bought some beautiful 100% soya yarn which I have made into cardi/coats and have ordered more colours as well.
I have plans to make some cake stuff soon as long as nothing else crops up!

Nice to have a day to myself.....

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

After the birthday weekend

Well things have settled down now after a busy weekend celebrating my birthday and my hubby's too! Had a lovely lunch in Nottingham with my son Tom and his girlfriend Jess and looking forward to a nice evening by the fire :)
Came up with some new ideas, trying to get on top of orders and accounts and wondering when I might get a bit of time to watch my new Paddington DVD's that Tom bought me :)
I think this week will be a 'catch up' one!

All the sales from Friday have been packed and sent on Monday, I do hope my customers will be pleased!

Stan is doing well and walking better each day, he is such a lucky kitty!

Friday, February 05, 2010

It's my Birthday, It's my Birthday!!

Yay! Prezzies and fun :D

I'm going to update the shop then have fun fun fun!! Well, cake and a giggle with friends.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Birthday Update details

I am going to be listing my new bits and bobs on Friday 5th February (my birthday! Yay!) It will be around 5ish after I have taken Stanley to the vets to have his stitches out. He will be so pleased to not wear that collar anymore! I have a few different things, some hats, some cardi's and some sets. Prices will vary depending on the yarn and wether its from my own handspun or commercial stuff. I haven't got quite as much finished as I had hoped due to being Nurse Jane to Stan but I'm sure you'll agree it will be worth it when he's running up trees again (NOT playing with cars!)
Anyone who is still waiting for orders, please bear with me, I have not forgotten :)
Preview pics of everything will be on flickr like usual.