Friday, October 13, 2006

Spinning Around!!!

I'm still alive! Even though I havent posted for ages I have been busy crafting. (Probably even more!!)

Now that the garden is starting to hibernate I can get back on my computer and mess about, so I have taken a few pics to show you what I have been up to.
Most importantly my new crafting skill is spinning, mostly thanks to Miss Bell and her spinning class at I have been spinning with my little drop spindle ever since.
The orange and red little collar thingy is knit from my first skein and my second skein is the green and pink one with fabric, thread and vintage buttons plyed with it (I called it English Rose). The hat I have made from it has worked well and the little buttons dangle lovely. I am not sure wether to keep it or sell it at the moment because I think it is quite special!

I have also made a pair of knucks for my son Tom. They were his idea and I am rather pleased with the result, if a 15 year old thinks something I have made is cool then I can't be all that ancient!