Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sorry, a bit more sad stuff

On Thursday last week ANOTHER neighbours dog managed to get into our garden, tear, shred and basically destroy our chicken pen and kill Barbara and Penny :(
I feel so so sad about it all.

We are in the process of putting HEAVY duty wire on the pen and repairing the hen house ready to fetch some more ladies on Friday. I will not be beaten by this! The owner of the dog just did not realise the damage a dog can do when its natural instincts kick in. She was very upset and shocked at the way he had demolished our hard work and killed the ladies in their nest boxes. I am confident that they understand now the importance of keeping their dog confined to their garden. I just wish everyone who has a dog would understand this.

So I am busy going all around my house and garden putting steel mesh in EVERY hole and gap no matter how small. It will soon be like a prison. No getting in and no getting out. To anyone thinking of getting chickens please think of me and know that dogs can SHRED chicken wire as though it was made of thread and rip wood to pieces. Just to kill and then leave the bodies there for me to find.

Look out for the new ladies this weekend and say a little prayer for poor Barbara and Penny :(

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