Thursday, June 03, 2010

Update Time and prices

Here are details of the next update:
'The Queen of Charms' set is made from some of my handspun yarn and some lovely gold charms (a tiny crown and a key included!) This set includes crochet dress and matching hat for $55 + postage.

Darling little Olivia Hootsbury, a custom Strawberry Shortcake with wild bright pink hair and a little dress set decorated with owl buttons. She has a faint mark at the side of her face (hidden by her hair most of the time) and has had her smile touched up too! She is $45 + postage.

Then there is the 'Underwater Love' collection which includes 2 OOAK dresses with net and shells and fishes and beads and shreds of green taffeta to look like seaweed! These are $30 each + postage. Then a coat design (2 plain blue 1 variegated yarn) with embroidery and felt fishes. These are $30 each + postage too. Granny Madge whipped up some lovely turquoise wool hats that I have decorated to match these items with shreds of taffeta and net and embroidery and beads. These are $18 + postage and I have 4 of them. I will have a couple more coats to come next week maybe.

I have put preview pics on flickr as usual and will list these on Friday June 4th at around 5pm.
I hope you like them :)

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Pigwidget said...

Beautiful as always, Jane :)