Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Etsy update later this week

I have just finished the latest bits and bobs and will be listing these later this week. I will post on here when I know what time etc.
I have Olivia Hootsbury, a Strawberry Shortcake custom, The Queen of Charms Blythe dress and hat set, 3 Underwater Love coats, 4 Granny Madge Underwater Love hats and 2 Underwater Love dresses.
I will be posting preview pics on flickr as usual and more details to the mailing list.
Hope you like my new designs :)

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Pigwidget said...

Please add me to the mailing list! You 'should' have my address already - let me know if not ;) Thanks! These are so cool would at least like a chance of getting something new from you :D xox