Friday, June 18, 2010

Razzle Dazzle etsy update

Today (around 5 pm UK time ) I am listing the Razzle Dazzle sets in my etsy shop. There are 2 identical sets in each colour, so 10 sets altogether. They will be $45 +postage and will be sent boxed so that the feathers stay in nice condition :)
The feathers have been such fun to work with and look so dramatic, like Cabaret girls!! I fancied a bit of high kicking fun after last weeks misery and these have kept my hands VERY busy! I will be crocheting some little Strawberry Shortcake sets next week for a bit of a rest for my fingers!

Still no eggs from the chickens...hubby thinks they are taking the p**s and that they are really male chickens in disguise, just out for a free lunch....LOL

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