Saturday, June 12, 2010

Football Widow

Yes, my hubby has disappeared to the pub to watch the footie and I am home alone all quiet and tidy. So I have been taking pics of the finished Razzle Dazzle sets and stitching labels on them. There will be 2 identical sets in each colour (5 colours) and I will list them next week. I am just sourcing some nice boxes to ship them in so that the feathers don't get spoiled in the post. I hope you like my flamboyant little outfits, I wanted a bit of glamour and fun for a change :)

I also have some Strawberry Shortcake customs (my last five dolls) and there won't be any more after these as I have run out of dolls to customize. I hope you like the silly names I have chosen and the little outfits.

I have a horrible hatred towards my neighbours after our horrible week and I really need to focus and divert my brain...crochet is good for this. Also wine and chocolate help!
Thank you to all my friends for your lovely kind words, they are very special.


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