Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Twinkle Twinkle

Little stars!!

Finished a lot of the new Blythe collection (still plenty more in my project boxes!!) and have taken some pics. I am loving all these sparkles and luxury yarns and I'm knee deep in marabou and gold stars :)
I won't waffle on about all the different yarns and trims I have used but have used cashmere, alpaca, mohair, my own hand spun, marabou, lurex, metallic vinyl and LOTS of gold stars to name just a few materials. I do hope that you like my Xmas creations, I have LOVED making them :)
If anyone ever wants to know where I have got certain supplies from please ask, I like to promote the people I buy from and share the gems I find!

I will be listing these items from the beginning of next week in batches at times to allow for the different time zones. I will continue to list until all my yarn is used up or the last Xmas posting date arrives, whichever is the soonest!

Back to my stitching then..........

1 comment:

the enchanted pumpkin said...

these all came out so beautiful! you really have a special talent for whimsy! i love them!