Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Meet the girls :)

The new hens are settling in lovely and have now got official names.
(From bottom pic to top)
We have Teasy-Weasy aka Peach who is a Columbine and should lay blue eggs at some point (we think she is keeping us waiting to build up the excitement!)
Then we have Zelda, a Cou Cou who is very pretty, very greedy and rules the roost.
Next is Chicken, who is a Copper Black and a bit nervous with the most beautiful feathers!
And last but by no means least is Xena (my little warrior princess) who is a Rhode Black and makes a BIG noise when she is annoyed!

Here hoping we have a bit more luck now...please!

*Dolly News*

Bit of a freestyle week with some bits and bobs popping up here and there while I work on my Xmas collection. Hopefully some will be ready next week to bring some sparkle to the holidays :)

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