Sunday, May 16, 2010

What a weekend!

After last weeks doldrums the weekend made up for it! Me and the hubby went camping and had a fab time in the Peak District (a bit cold but we snuggled up in layers of fleece!) Then when we came home the chickens arrived!!! Thanks so much to everyone who bought a Chicken Run dress, we now have 3 lovely ladies called Barbara, Sheila and Penny! They are settling in and I LOVE them already!!
To then top off a lovely weekend I had an email from Fanny to say my interview was live on her blog I was so pleased to see how she had put it together. Thanks Fanny!!!
Take a look, she has some great interviews on there!
I'm off to pick up my mojo and get back to some creating now......Love to all of you and 3 little clucks from the young ladies down the garden :)


Jean said...

I am so happy that YOU are happy!

It is a great interview!

xox say hi to the girls (including the feathery ones!)

Fanny said...

My pleasure, Jane! It was so nice to review all your beautiful creations! And I am so happy that the hens have arrived safe and sound :D