Tuesday, May 11, 2010

In need of a little Hoppiness

Today I was feeling quite low and not sure how to lift myself out of the doldrums until.....the postie came with some cute new buttons!!! I had the perfect green coats all knit up so made some little lilypads and got stitching! So I spread a little 'Hoppiness' around and brought a smile to my miserable face :)
I will list them withe the other batch of Flower Garden sets when they are ready. I am trying to relax a bit so I may not get them done this week. I will send an email out when they are all ready to list.
Chicken News!!
They are expected to arrive by this weekend (though I am not holding my breath, they are like rocking horse poo!) I will obviously be taking lots of pics when they get here!!

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