Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Magical Mushroom

I have had a bit of fun with a Fungi Theme! I bought some wonderful tiny felted mushrooms from woollyfabulous on etsy and have been staring at them for some time. Then on Monday evening it the design came to me! I used some dotty fabric to create a new hat design that I am really pleased with. The hat has the mushrooms danging from the ties at the sides and the dress has a tie belt with them on too. I stitched some cute toadstool buttons on too from textilegarden and ...voila!! the set was done! I'll be listing two of these on Friday along with maybe a couple of new coats if I get them finished. Its a bank holiday weekend for us here in the UK though so I won't be able to post till Tuesday next week as I can't get to the post office on a Saturday. I'm off now to finish the other set. They will be identical sets this time and only two of them. Hope you like :)

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