Friday, May 21, 2010

Etsy update at the weekend

I know I have been a little preoccupied the last two weeks with Chicken stuff but I have been stitching in between too :) I have a second bunch of flowers for you for my Anniversary month which includes more coat and hat sets and more dresses. Also the Hoppiness coats and some SSC little sets.
I am pleased to announce too that Granny Madge has been knitting again!! She is getting a little frail these days and sometimes confused and bored but when I asked if she would like to make some hats again she perked up :) I bought some wonderful orgainic merino wool for her to knit with and left her to it. It really seems to have cheered her up and she is enjoying knitting immensely! I have decorated the hats with a crochet edge, crochet bell flowers and shell buttons. I have also knit a couple of cardi coats to co-ordinate with the hats.
I am hoping to take some pics today and list on Sunday evening (about 7pm UK time)
I'm off to bother the hens again now, I have them eating out my hand now!! It hasn't taken long for them to settle in and they don't even care when the cats walk past them now.
Happy Hens =Happy Jane :D

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Betty said...

So glad to hear you are up again, the arrival of Barbara, Sheila and Penny just had to perk you up, very lovey girls and you worked so hard for them. Now it's time for the girls to work for you and bring you all the pleasure possible...cluck, cluck, cluck :)

The Hoppiness Coat is adorable ~ love the green so much :)