Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Knitted Babes

Here are the knitted babes I made for my nieces at xmas. Got them to do a little fashion show for you. Their names are Elle McSpence (long blonde one ) and Bibi Buttons (Rainbow hair!)
Hope you like them.


sherri said...

I love your knitted babes. The outfits are great and also the hair looks great. How did you attach your hair? I have a knitted babe almost done but I am afraid to try to attach the hair. I bet your nieces loved them. I guess I should try to finish mine.

jane said...

Hi sherri,
I cut the lengths of hair and laid them over the dolls head then backstitched them to the head using a backstitch. Then I added more strands where needed, strand by strand like you would attach tassels. Thread a needle with your wool pass through one stitch on the dolls head and then back through, leaving a loop. Pass the ends of the wool through the loop and pull tight. repeat as needed. Hope you understand me!!

Marti said...

Just browsing through your babes again and they are positively lovely...such a great use of colour. Think I'll go knit another!