Saturday, April 01, 2006

Fish and Chips!

Here is my new baby.....Fish and Chips.
This name is due to the fantastic little piece of linen I found at the charity shop. It matched perfectly with the yarn I used. I wanted to cable but not the usual up and down so I knit this sideways on which worked quite well. The base and sides are moss stitch and it fastens with large press studs at the top edge. The base is lined with a piece of plastic draining stuff (like circles all joined together) from 'Wilkos' (fantastic place!) and I stitched four shank buttons on the bottom to look like studs.
I like it and I hope you all do too. At the top is my oldest cat Hazel is looking a little stressed....any clues on how she can relax a bit?

1 comment:

knittydoll said...

Cute kitty and bag- love the giant buttons too! You seem to finish all your bags so wonderfully, they're rad! *sigh* I hope one day I'll be able to knit like that :)