Monday, April 24, 2006

Busy Busy Busy!

Here are my weekend makes. 3 skirts from charity shop sheets and curtains and my lovely Noro Kureyon wrap. When I wear this it drapes like a little jacket and is lovely and warm. I think my yellow ensemble could count as my project spectrum for this month!!
I also have one of my socks complete and have started on the other. I must admit my wrists have been a bit painful so I have had to have a rest from crochet for a few days. Maybe I am doing something wrong!

I have decided after seeing the 'Use what you have' idea on a blog recently that I am going to use that principal as much as possible through my everyday stuff until the Whitsun holiday..... 5 weeks!! I am only buying stuff that I really need to survive (bread, milk etc) and using up all the stuff I have gathered in my cupboards and fridge. This goes for any craft supplies, books, magazines etc etc etc, that I usually spend all my money on.

We have to be careful with our money at the moment as we have booked 3 holidays this year (2 to crete and a round the world trip at xmas) and I want to enjoy them without guilt!
By the way if anyone lives in any of the places we are visiting at xmas and you have good places for us to see please email me as we want to see as much as we can when we have to spend so much time on planes to get there! We are going to:

How exciting, I can hardly wait.......will have to hunt out yarn stores to spend all the money I am going to save!


jennhx said...

wow! beautiful work! you are very creative.

and i'm sooo jealous about the travel... hope you'll blog those trips too.

Marti said...

Love the skirts...I'm gonna give this a try myself soon.