Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Nearly all done!

I spent all day yesterday packaging and taking pics of all the items for Blythecon uk. All I have left to do now are finish off all the duffle coats. I have been working like a trooper to have a nice collection for this event and I am so looking forward to meeting everyone! I will be keeping some items back to put on etsy on Sunday 3rd October for my customers who are too far away to come to Oxford. I really hope you like the theme I have chosen, it's been such fun putting things together and sourcing all the materials and supplies. I think my favourite item is the Paddington Duffle coat but I think this will be the only batch I make of these.
I am putting preview pics on flickr so you can see what I will be selling. I do hope you like them!

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beka*b said...

WOW! You have been immensely busy! It all looks gorgeous and very patriotic! I'm sure your stuff will fly at BlytheCon leaving you with bags of time to enjoy the event :D