Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What I'm up to

Trying to keep warm, busy finishing orders, spinning, making fires, making ideas in my head real, cooking soups, doing yoga, NOT drinking wine :(
Aren't I a good girl!
Here's a preview of my newest creation. The Spiral Spun Hat. All yarn handspun by my fair hands and lovingly knit into a funky spiral design. With tiny glass beads sewn along the spiral. These will be OOAK as I only spin small quantities of yarn and there won't be many at a time. They take a long time to make obviously and have so much love spun and knit into them that I'm sure you can see and feel it :D
They will be available maybe near my birthday (February 5th) in celebration of me reaching 44!!
Hope you like :)


Gina2424 said...

I love all your new, wild stuff! Haven't bought in awhile, will have to be watching!

Jane said...

Thanks Gina!

Betty said...

Like it, just love it and so hope I am lucky enough to become the owner of this marvelous handspun yarn hat, that would be so special, letting the girls each wear it knowing all the love, magic and time you put into it. Oh Jane, how can I make sure I become it's owner? Is it all really up to fate? So wish I could pre-order and know in my heart that the family and I will be loving it up close and personal. If there is any way, please let me know OK? Thanks so much, if not, I will take my chances and wish and wish like I have never wished before....lol! Hugs for you and Stanley, Betty :)