Thursday, January 28, 2010

Poor Stanley

Deja vous for stan the bionic cat who decided to play with cars again and smash the same leg he smashed in 2 years ago! Reconstructed hip and ankle later, he is back hom for some tlc :) here you see one VERY lucky cat!

One of his wounds

Stan the bionic cat


Balwearie said...

Poor little darling! I'm happy to see he's sitting up. Always a good sign.

Betty said...

Dearest Stanley: Nine live per kitty cat, don't push it young man please. I'm so happy to hear you survived your car crash, silly boy thinking you are stronger than a car! Take good care of yourself, get lots of rest, food, water, and I know lots of love is coming your way every second of your exciting, but very dangerous way of living, kitty! Tiny kitty kisses for you and much strength to heal. hugs, Betty and her three chihuahuas :)