Friday, January 01, 2010

New Collection

Happy New Year!
I have been busy taking photos today of the new collections pieces. I will preview them on flickr and then list them in the shop randomly next week. I do have quite a lot of items so the shop should be well stocked for once! If you want any more details please email me :

Cuddle up cozy and dream of lovely things in these pretty designs for your dollies. Scattered with tiny beads and made with love and special wishes!

The eeko bobble hats will be up first at $15 each, then my Daydreaming dress and headband sets at $22 or $24 depending on the yarn I have used (I have a angora type man made yarn, a angora/wool blend, a mohair and a 100% pure wool in rainbow shades) Then the Make a wish cardigan at $15 in the pure wool yarn and $20 in the silk/wool blend yarn. Also maybe later in the week I will have finished mini versions of the daydreaming dress and headband sets for Strawberry Shortcake and a felted mini bobble hat for them as well.

I do hope you like the pieces:D

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