Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Jollypolly update and Polly news

Just listed a few stash bags and some fine yarn for dolly knitting. I have lots more of this so will be winding some more later this week. Also working on some little dresses for a good cause....my new chicken coop!!! I have ordered it and need to raise some funds to pay for it and the hens. Do you think there may be a little theme to the dresses?? You would be so right! Previews coming as soon as they are finished :).........collection name....'Chicken Run' maybe...LOL!!!
I also have my 3rd year Anniversary coming soon and will have a pretty little collection for that. All that crocheting and digging the veg plot are making Polly one tired little lady!
Now...what names can I give the hens......Kiev? Korma? Chasseur???

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Anonymous said...

Nice blog! I saw your little dolly on She Draws blog the other day. I like what you did with her cage button :-)