Saturday, April 10, 2010

Bird in a Cage sets and Tuesday update

I will have 2 of these sets to sell on Tuesday 13th April. I made them with some lovely feather trim and great buttons I bought from Laura at shedraws . I also used her buttons on the cuppa tea and cake dresses. She makes the most amazing jewelry too :)
These sets will be $45 each + postage and include hat and dress.
The Cuppa tea sets will be same price for hat and dress sets and $30 for just the dress. I have 3 hat and dress sets and 3 separate dresses.
The Handspun Happy Coats will be $30 and I have 2 of these and the hat is $20 and I have 1. I have run out of that yarn now and only have a bit of fine single ply neon left. The 2 ply worked much better and the colours came out so bright!
I also have 6 little berets made from the soya and bamboo yarns I have been using recently. These are $10 each.
I have a few cream felted overalls in process and depending on how much time I get these may be ready for the update too.

My other shop is up and running now where I will be selling crafty supplies straight from my stash. I may also sell some other non dolly items there too :)
Take a peek and see if there is anything that might spark your own creativity. I like to send craftiness out into the world so if I can help in any way please ask. I have a simple stash yarn scarf pattern on here which is a great way to use the bags of wool I am selling. I will be winding some nice fine wool yarns this week which are perfect for dolly clothes for all you knitters of miniature things :) I will try to find some links to patterns you could use them with too.

The weather has just started to get better here so I will also be busy in the veg patch sowing seed like a maniac. We have just made some new raised beds and things are coming on a treat!

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