Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Busy Day

Today my little hands have been buzzing like bee's wings :D
I have finished a few orders and made some stuff for the shop in between checking on dear little Stanley who is getting quite good at doing a hop, skip and a jump round the house!
Going to send some emails now and list these few things. I also finished a new design whcih I am quite happy with. I'll put some preview pics on flickr too and see what everyone else thinks :)
It's knit and felted overalls which I know sound bizarre but I think work quite well. I made them with cuffs at the bottom to be pushed up and worn with boots. I ahve some more felted items coming soon too.
I bought some beautiful 100% soya yarn which I have made into cardi/coats and have ordered more colours as well.
I have plans to make some cake stuff soon as long as nothing else crops up!

Nice to have a day to myself.....

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Betty said...

Dear Jane: I would so love to see Stanley hop, skip and jump around the house...lol! What a visual... Also very pleased you had a day to yourself, feels wonderful doesn't it? \=

Talk about busy bee hands! Wonderful creations, my favorite being the overalls ~ they rock! Was going to say enjoy your Sunday, but I must remember you are 6 hours ahead of this part of the US, or is it 5...lol! It's 12:45 p.m. here now. Well then, enjoy your evening and please give Stan a "kitty rub" from me, hugs Betty