Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Strawberry Shortcake customs

I am at present working on some Strawberry Shortcake customs. I managed to buy a job lot at the weekend so I have LOTS of little ones coming over to the Polly Makeover studio!! I am not selling these on etsy but direct to customers so if anyone is interested in one please email me for details. I sell these complete with an outfit made by me.

I like to be fair so I will work in order of who asks first but I won't be taking special commissions for colours etc as I really don't know which dolls will work with what colour hair/outfit until I start making them. I will try to do a good range of colours so that there is plenty to choose from and pics will go on flickr as they get finished.

Prices range from $35 - $50 depending on the doll/condition etc. I am going to have to charge postage on top of this now as postal costs are just a bit too much for me to include :(

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