Friday, August 28, 2009

Blythe Land Army

On Tuesday 1st September I will be listing my Blythe Land Army sets on etsy. I don't have a specific time in mind as I have a lot of boring stuff to do that day, so just keep checking the shop!

There will be 4 sets split into two parts each. One part will be aran sweater, pants and army cap and is $45 (inc postage) and the other set will be pinny dress and headscarf and is $25 (inc postage)
I won't be making any more of these, they are one of a kind.
The army badges are original from WWII, from a lovely lady at an antique fair. She did tell me what all the colours represent but I forgot! I hope you all like them, they were good fun to do :D
More pics are on my flickr
email me if you have any questions

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