Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Rainbow Drops and Fluffy Clouds

I have made a decision that from now on my little collections will be totally one off NOT to be repeated and will come out all together with NO top ups. I decided this because I have a problem with too many ideas and not enough time and I thought it would be a good way of me getting them all out and not take my time up making repeats of the same things. This will mean that things are more exclusive and each collection will be different to the next containing various items ranging from separate pieces to full sets. Included will be miniature versions for Strawberry Shortcakes where possible :D

To avoid people missing out I will do 2 listing times within 24 hours. One my usual 5pm UK time and another I would like you (my lovely customers!) to suggest. Please bear in mind I am a morning girl, not a night owl...lol. When I see what times are suggested I will come up with one to suit most people. Please see if you can tell me what UK time you would like so I don't get confused :D

The first new collection will be ready in the next week or so:

Rainbow Drops and Fluffy Clouds

This will be a rainbow or colourful crochet Toot helmets (a blast from the past!) with chinstrap and button fastening and fluffy mohair edges. they will be in Blythe and SSC size. To go with these are pure white dresses, shorts, tutu tops and rompettes (for the SSC!)

Preview pics will be going on flickr and prices/times for listing will follow soon.

Please mail me if you have any questions or listing time suggestions

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Pigwidget said...

Why not an 9am (GMT) listing time so as to have one at the start and end of your 'work' day? Certainly two slots in a day might just give me an opportunity to catch something of yours before they all get snapped up now I'm 8h hours behind you! :D