Friday, November 14, 2008

Xmas Belle Collection

I will be listing some items from my Xmas Belle Collection on Friday. I have created a felted mohair cloche hat with vintage buttons all around the brim, a crocheted pure silk dress with lace bottom, vintage buttons around the peplum and tiny glass beads around the neckline, cream taffetta pants to wear underneath and the most gorgeous fine mohair knit cardigan with 'leg of mutton' sleeves, babydoll style body and tiny glass beads to highlight the gathering.

I will be making more of these as time permits, cardigans being the most time consuming (but very pleasurable to do!)

The special OOAK themed Xmas sets are coming along nicely. There will be 6 of these and I am on the 4th! Hopefully I will have some preview pics for you next week. I am having so much fun with these :D

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