Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Here's my new bag.....all finished and I am so pleased with it. It is so cute. At one point (as with all my bags) I thought it was going to look cheap and skanky (daughters favourite word!) But it pulled through and I love it.
I used some fancy wool I bought last year and Some cream aran together. Then some of the cream wool dyed with kool aid. For the flowers I used Rowan Kidsilk Haze...... How gorgeous is that?
Anyway the pattern will be on its way if anyone is interested.
Now what to do next?

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jennhx said...

Quelle belle "fleur"! Very neat bag, I especially like how it looks with a sewn lining! (I cannot sew so I'm envious... Ok, I can sew a button on but not much beyond that.)