Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Blythe Boyfriend Cardi DIY kit information

* please note, sea green has all gone now*

I will be selling the kit for $4 + postage which includes pattern and enough yarn for a cardi (maybe 2, that fine yarn goes a long way!)
Here is a pic of colours I have sorted out at the moment for the Boyfriend Cardi DIY kit, but I do have other yarn that would be suitable and some more that could be knit 2 strands together, so if you were after a certain colour please ask :)
The yarn is industrial stuff so when you knit it it will seem a little loose but will 'bloom' when it is washed and the oils come out and it will look lovely :)

I forgot to mention tension in the pattern so if you need to check this it is approx 4 sts across and 5 rows up to each 1cm square. I knit a bit loose so if you find you knit tight just go up a needle size and you should get the size ok. Some of the yarns are a bit thicker than others so the cardi varies a little in size depending on the yarn. They all look nice though :)

Please email me for details of how to buy:

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