Saturday, January 24, 2009


I have been incredibly busy the last week making some more of the new designs. These should be all finished by the end of next week ready to list. I have around 12 new sets, all different colours and trims.

I have decided to include shipping in my prices from now on to avoid the problem people have getting things on etsy and being charged twice for the postage. I think this way it will be simpler and fairer, and avoid me having to refund overpayments.

Also I am going to list at varying times of the day to avoid some people missing the listing times. This will also avoid me having to sit at the computer for a solid hour listing things ( I can nip off for tea and cake throughout the day instead!!)

Preview pics will be on flickr as usual but more group pics so as to avoid the loads of photos going on there making it hard to look through.

I hope you think these changes are good but if you don't or you have other suggestions please email me, I want this to work for everyone!

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