Sunday, October 12, 2008

The strawberry shortcake dolls are having some fun with the mini madge hats. They get up to mischief when I am busy :D

I am working on some posh party frocks that will be listed next week complete with matching Granny Madge jackets and hats (so that your dollies don't get cold on the way to the party!)

This is to celebrate Granny Madge's 88th Birthday on the 15th October. She will be coming over to visit that day and the girls need to look smart for the party! Madge also wants to find out where all her lovely things go to and what an 'etsy' shop looks like, so I am going to show her all the lovely photos you have all done and my little 'shop' on the net :D

Meanwhile enjoy the antics of my 'little' girls!!

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