Saturday, September 27, 2008

Halloween set....Dem Bones

Here is the first set for Halloween. Called 'Dem Bones' it has 5 little skeletons all around the skirt of the dress and 'rubys' in between them. The skirt is layered bone coloured cotton and lace and net. The top of the dress has a chain hanging from the shoulders. The Hat has bones and net and beads and a 'ruby'. The dress is extra long for dramatic effect and can be trailed all over the floor to sweep the cobwebs as she walks. We hope you enjoy our creation, it will be in the shop on Wednesday 1st October at 6pm UK time. The price will be $70 + shipping. There will only be 2 halloween sets from Miss Polly as she has put lots of time into them and wanted them to be very special. They will not be repeated again.
Any questions about the set please email

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